About us

About joinin

What is joinin?

Joinin.com is a social network that helps people make the most of their free time with the things they love doing.

Our goal is to bring people together in the real world - To help everyone spend more time doing the things they're interested in, with likeminded others!

You can use joinin to:

  • Joinin with, or become the founder member of a joinin community of something you love
  • Chat with people with shared interests
  • Meet people nearby with shared interests (mobile app only)
  • Discover things to do
  • Add events, clubs/groups or places so other people find them

joinin for organizers

If you organize people you’re in luck - so does, Robin, our founder, and for the last 5 years he’s thought about nothing apart from how to help you organize others.

  • Organize events, groups, clubs and customers
  • Chat and share privately in your own feed on the web or mobile
  • Send emails and texts and see who opens them
  • Sell tickets and collect payments
  • If it’s public – we really help you promote it! From connections to social networks, plugins and links to data partners - and we’re just getting started!
  • You can even get a free website and choose from a range of templates
  • Oh, and it’s free* to use! (see How We Make Money below)

Our mission

Last year the founder of the web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee said “People still mainly talk to their neighbours, or those with the same religion or culture. Can we develop systems on the web which will actually help solve that problem? I think the web can do more.”

We agree, and we launched Joinin.com to bring people together in the real world. We do this by helping everyone with a shared interest – Join, Chat, Meet, Do. And by giving organizers free tools to help them organize the things that we all love doing!

Simple really.

BTW - do you know that people who organize are mainly volunteers doing it for the love of it? We want to help them find you and you find them!

Our ethics

All of us at joinin believe that everyone's personal information is important and private and should be treated that way. That’s why we’ve spent years working out the best way to respect your information and deliver a service that you can use freely and securely.

  1. You can’t be found on joinin – we don’t have a ‘people' search and we don’t let search engines index you
  2. You can create a private club/group or event that’s invite only and no-one else can find it
  3. We never sell your data to third parties

How we make money

So, how we can keep your personal data safe and still make money? Here’s how:

  • Ticket sales – we charge a small booking fee
  • Collecting payments – we charge a small transaction fee
  • Sending emails – you need to buy credits (but we give you a stack of free ones!)
  • Sending texts – you need to buy credits (sorry, no free ones yet!)
  • A range of premiumizations (yep, we just made that word up)
  • And of course we’ll let advertisers in – but only when appropriate and relevant to you!

Meet the team

  • Robin

    Robin LinkedIn

    Founder and CEO of Joinin, new Dad. In his scarce free time Robin loves sports, particularly snowboarding, mountain biking, kayaking but most of all cricket - come on England!

  • Barrie


    Joinin CFO. Apart from running Joinin’s finances Barrie loves scuba diving, football and cycling.

  • Dave


    When Dave isn't trying to play drums, fly helicopters or restore old cars, he can be found trying to be CTO at Joinin - he must try harder!

  • Rob


    Back from a stint in San Francisco. Head of Product - Rob loves mountains, beaches, boards and kites.

  • Satu


    Head of Marketing. When Satu isn’t working on Joinin marketing she can be found Nordic skiing, cooking, looking after her muscle cars and trying to kick her Kindle addiction.

  • Krish


    Senior Web Designer and front end developer Krish eats pizza whenever she can and occasionally looks for more hours in the day so she can take over the world.

  • Adam

    Adam LinkedIn

    Account Director. When Adam isn’t making sure all Joinin clients are extremely happy he loves a bit of scuba diving and is a qualified deep and wreck specialty MSDT Instructor.

  • Kieran

    Kieran LinkedIn

    National Sales Director - USA. When Kieran isn't chasing after folks who really want to use Joinin but just haven't seen the light, he's swimming, biking or running. Or drinking coffee.

  • Rob

    Rob Koehler

    Account Manager. When he's not hard at work, Rob can usually be found finding some new and random ways to combine food, sports (especially volleyball!), music and travelling.

  • Cristina


    Marketing Manager. Cristina loves to keep up to date with the latest in digital marketing. In her free time she enjoys travelling, yoga and dancing