Joinin Engage

Supercharge your association with Joinin Engage™

  • Co-ordinate multiple groups/clubs/chapters/events
  • Manage data, members, communications and payments
  • Power mobile apps, your website and social media
  • Generate new revenue streams
  • Access usage statistics and other connected data
  • Engage has no implementation costs

Engage is the groundbreaking online solution from Joinin for associations or organizations with multiple connected clubs, groups, chapters, events and facilities

Joinin Engage, the online platform for associations, will seamlessly connect multiple clubs, groups, chapters, events and physical places together. It also brings communications, events, payments, member and data management into one, easy to use place.

Engage helps solve the problem of managing and promoting associations’ networks and capturing meaningful, connected and up-to-date information.

The Engage platform also gives associations’ clubs/groups/chapters a way to organize and promote their own events and activities with our powerful suite of tools.

As member groups update their data, it is fed in real-time to the association website, mobile apps and social channels giving an unparalleled view of their entire network. Live feeds for groups and events ensure everyone gets involved. People can post messages, upload photos/documents and reply, plus everyone receives a ‘Daily Digest’ email so they don’t miss out on what’s been happening.

We understand how difficult, time consuming and expensive is it to manage associations, gather timely data, make improvements and engage your network, often with limited resources - so we built Joinin Engage specifically to help you.

With our simple all-in-one solution you can:

  • Manage data, memberships, communications and payments
  • Save time, improve service and increase productivity
  • Deliver new sources of revenue, partner with businesses to provide local offers
  • Get real time data and analytics across your entire network
  • Create a dynamic online community and increase membership and participation
  • Demonstrate value and ROI to your key stakeholders or leaders

Engage Features

For Clubs
Features Joinin
Data Hub
Member management and segmentationi
Analytics and reportingi
Application Programming Interface (API) i
Payments Hub
Subscriptions and dues payment processing and reporting i
Event tickets payment processing and reporting i
Events Hub
Plan, manage and promote events. RSVPs and reminders i
Sell event tickets and scan them at the door with our mobile appi
Communications Hub
Send and track bulk SMS and branded HTML emailsi
Your own real-time ‘live feed’i
Full public or private content controli
Update your Social Networks with a clicki
Plugins for club/group/chapter website to display eventsi
Plugin for your website display your networks groups/events/offersi
Optional branded mobile app with your searchable datai
Joinin Support
Email, helpdesk and community forums to help youi
Dedicated Account Manager to support you and your clubsi
Access to Joinin data partnershipsi
Free advertising on Joinin across related content i
Partner with businesses to give offers to your network/membersi

For more information get in touch: or call 0845 680 79370845 680 7937

Engage Case Studies

The British Ju-Jitsu Association National Governing Body

The British Ju-Jitsu Association National Governing Body oversees all aspects of Ju-Jitsu in Great Britain such as, establishing codes of conduct, standard practises, competition formats and rules, arranging group insurance policies for clubs within the Association, and certification of teachers and competition referees as well as registration of new clubs. BJJA GB is using Joinin Engage.

  • To provide BJJA GB Ju-Jitsu club organisers with free tools to simplify the organisation and promotion of their clubs.
  • To ensure the BJJA GB website is updated in real-time with club details, training and event listings.
  • To understand and report on participation in Ju-Jitsu and how it is increasing across their membership.

To see Joinin Engage in action visit

Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC)

Cambridge University Technology and Enterprise Club (CUTEC) is a leading student-run organisation that seeks to nurture and enhance the entrepreneurial spirit amongst academics and students. CUTEC approached Joinin to implement Joinin Engage for 3 specific uses.

  • To provide a private online club where CUTEC affiliated startup companies can interact with their mentors and each other.
  • As a free tool for CUTEC startups to use for event organisation, promotion and formation of their own communities.
  • To power the ideas@CUTEC section of their website with the Joinin Engage Plugin, providing clear visibility for CUTEC startups and their events, all updated in real-time.

"We're thrilled to find such a complete solution exists. Setup was simple, the Joinin team are always on hand, and the service we're now delivering our startups is invaluable!" Alexey Bannykh, Director of Innovation

Barbican Life magazine and website for Barbican area London

Barbican Life is the magazine for London's premier 'urban village'. Copies are delivered to all the Barbican's 4,000+ residents. Barbican Life is a prime marketing resource for goods and services due to the huge buying power of residents in the complex. Barbican Life have implemented Joinin Engage on their companion website to increase community engagement for residents, while boosting revenues for the Barbican Residents Association in the following ways.

  • Providing the Barbican residents with free tools to organise and promote their clubs/groups/communities and events.
  • Powering real-time searchable listings on
  • Surfacing hyper-local targeted offers for residence association members on
  • Increasing revenue from participating businesses by providing a more efficient marketing & promotion solution.

To see Joinin Engage in action visit

Engage Plugin

The Engage plugin contains searchable clubs/events/places/offers updated in real-time as your members curate their data. It is styled and configured to fit your website and is implemented with just two lines of code. The example below shows real-time data from the BJJA GB.