Joinin Extras

The Joinin Extras are described below. They can be purchased at anytime.

  • Business Building Kit

    Build a community the easy way

    from $15 to $45 + Sales Tax per bundle

    Make it easy to get your customers email addresses using our sign up cards and sturdy drop box. Perforated cards allow your customer to leave you their email while taking away a note of your Joinin page. We have 3 pack sizes, each comes with 2 drop boxes.

    • Small, 100 cards
    • Medium, 250 cards
    • Large, 500 cards
  • SMS Bundles

    Make your events even harder to miss

    from $15 to $145 + Sales Tax per bundle

    Make sure your community are always in the know about events you're planning by buying an SMS bundle. You can send SMS whenever you want (with scheduling coming soon). Bundles come in 4 sizes:

    • 100 SMS credits
    • 250 SMS credits
    • 750 SMS credits
    • 1500 SMS Credits